Humanity’s eco footprint size?

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The Global Footprint Network’s annual report shows that humanity is consuming resources faster than the planet can produce them, with Earth Overshoot Day occurring on August 2 in 2018. Many industrial nations have oversized ecological footprints, and reducing carbon emissions, plastic waste, and meat consumption can help delay Earth Overshoot Day. However, the date has not changed much since 2011 and may be pushed back in the future.

Many nations need to tighten their belts if we are to have any hope for a sustainable future, according to an annual report on resource consumption prepared by the Global Footprint Network. Since 1970, the team has compared the resources the planet produces each year to what humans consume, and the trend hasn’t been promising. In the early 1970s, humanity didn’t deplete its annual resources until late December. But “Earth Overshoot Day” was getting earlier every year. In 2018, on August 2, we began to draw on the “saving” of natural resources. According to the report, many industrial nations have oversized ecological footprints. For example, if the entire world had an ecological footprint the size of the United States, we would need five planet Earths to naturally replenish those resources.

Attempt to delay Earth Overshoot Day:

The calculations are based on factors such as carbon emissions, deforestation, overfishing, waste treatment, energy use and global population.
Reducing car trips, limiting plastic waste and eating less meat are some ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
The good news is that the date for Earth Overshoot Day hasn’t changed much since 2011 and may be pushed back into future years.

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