Investment banking trainee’s role?

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Investment banking interns receive training and mentoring to become investment bankers. They learn to analyze investments, manage client assets, and develop customer relationships. Trainees may work as stockbrokers and are often required to commit to staying with the company for a specified period. Mentoring can be done one-on-one or in a group setting, and tasks include shadowing and attending workshops. Interns may also be required to commit to working for the company after becoming an investment banker.

An investment banking intern works at an investment banking firm where he receives training and mentoring to become an investment banker in the future. Often, individuals must commit to staying with the company for a specified period while they are busy in trainee positions for future investment banking positions. While working as an investment banking intern, individuals are taught how to analyze investments and effectively manage client assets. Interns can also be trained to develop new customer relationships and are trained in various sales techniques.

It is not uncommon for an investment banking trainee to be mentored by an individual who is already working on a career in investment banking. Through this relationship, a trainee is able to gain insights into the skills needed to obtain positions in investment banking, as well as feedback on job performance as a trainee. An individual intern can receive a single mentor for one-on-one interaction or be mentored in a group setting.

Companies offering trainee positions in investment banking often require trainees to work in the office every day. Many interns also work as stockbrokers while learning investment banking skills. During training, tasks often include shadowing or assisting others who currently work in investment banking, in order to witness client interactions and other important investment banking tasks. When not interacting directly with investment bankers, interns may be required to attend workshops, meetings and other training sessions to learn how to attract new clients, retain existing clients, research new investments, analyze investments on behalf of clients, sell new investments for clients and manage a client’s assets.

An investment banking intern may be required to commit in writing to remain with a company for the period of their training, as well as to work for a period of time after becoming an actual investment banker. This helps maximize and protect the company’s investment in a trainee and also increases the likelihood that a trainee’s work efforts will contribute to the company’s profits. It is not uncommon, however, for an investment banking intern to already work for a company in some other capacity before achieving career advancement by becoming an investment banker. As part of a career planning strategy, many interns continue to work with the same company for several years before finding employment elsewhere or starting a new company.

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