Landscaping job: how to get it?

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An associate degree in landscaping and experience can lead to various landscaping jobs. Landscape architects require experience and computer design skills. Aspiring landscapers can start as assistants and contact local companies for labor and maintenance jobs. Landscapers with their own businesses rely on marketing and customer referrals. Government park services and commercial real estate companies are other potential sources of work.

An associate degree or higher in landscaping is a good start to being employable in a landscaping job. After completing education and training for landscaping jobs and then gaining some experience, it is possible to land a landscaping job in one or more different career areas. The most effective way to get the best landscape jobs is to build a resume from client references.

Landscape architect jobs require experience and a thorough understanding of exterior architecture. Architect landscaping jobs are mostly carried out in an office environment as opposed to a type of maintenance work and landscaping work that is done outdoors on job sites. Strong computer design skills with some urban planning experience or knowledge can help landscape designers win the sometimes intense competition for landscape architecture jobs.

Starting out as a landscape design assistant can help build knowledge and experience for future landscaping design jobs. Landscaping assistants are often needed on an outdoor landscaping crew. With some landscaping education or training, aspiring landscapers can find labor and maintenance landscaping jobs by contacting local landscaping companies. Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for garden landscaping jobs, and local businesses often need help filling in vacationing team members. Since at least 49 states require landscapers to be licensed, getting experience supervising a work crew is a good start to a landscaping job while aspiring landscapers work towards getting their licenses.

The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the rate of landscape architects who have their own businesses is approximately double the rate of entrepreneurs in other occupations. Continuing to get landscaping jobs for the landscaping business relies on marketing and building good customer referrals. It is important for landscapers to gather customer references and testimonials and use them in their advertising testimonials to attract new clients.

Many landscapers with their own landscaping companies work in residential landscaping. They must train and hire motivated, talented and reliable crew. It is necessary to dedicate time to promoting the business and constantly looking for new job opportunities in landscaping.

Government park services are another possible source of work for landscapers. Landscapers working for the government may need to prepare reports on how their park designs fit into the sustainability of the environment. Many landscapers work for commercial real estate companies to do landscaping for shopping malls and commercial developments.

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