LEGOs for girls?

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LEGO® created LEGO® for Girls in 2012, which tripled sales for girls aged 5-8. LEGO® researchers found girls prefer imaginary play over building. The company received criticism for gender stereotypes. LEGO® blocks can be assembled in over 900 million ways and the company produces over 300 million miniature tires annually. Standard LEGO® City toy sets have 88 male or neutral characters and an average of 11 female characters.

LEGO® for Girls, plastic block dolls and building sets marketed as LEGO® Friends, were created in 2012 and targeted at girls aged 5-8. That year, LEGO® sales for girls tripled from the previous year, during which 90% of all LEGO® sales were for boys. From 1958, when the LEGO® company debuted its signature interlocking plastic toy blocks, until 2011, the toys were marketed primarily as construction and building toys. LEGO® researchers spent four years studying girls’ preferences and found that girls tend to enjoy imaginary play, such as acting out scenarios with the finished products, more than the building itself. While first-year sales of LEGO® for girls were successful, the company has received some criticism for perpetuating gender stereotypes.

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It has been estimated that six LEGO® blocks can be assembled in more than 900 million ways.
The LEGO® company is technically considered the largest tire manufacturer in the world, producing more than 300 million miniature tires every year.
There are 88 male or neutral characters in standard LEGO® City toy sets and an average of 11 female characters.

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