Marinated Rosemary: What is it?

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Rosemary marinade is a popular flavor for chicken and steak, and can be made from scratch with olive oil, honey, garlic, black pepper, and fresh rosemary. Fresh herbs are recommended for the best flavor and nutrition, and the marinade should be chilled before use. The soaking time for meat depends on the type and cooking method.

Rosemary marinade is a marinade that can provide a distinctive flavor to a variety of meats and is often used on chicken and steak. While it’s readily available in grocery stores, many chefs and experienced home cooks prefer mixing their own versions of this herb marinade flavor. The made-from-scratch rosemary marinade typically consists of olive oil, honey, fresh minced garlic, and black pepper mixed with chopped rosemary. Some cooks also add soy sauce, lemon juice, or Worcestershire sauce to help bring the rest of the flavors together.

Cooking with herbs often has the best flavor results when the herbs are freshly picked rather than dried. Rosemary sprigs can usually be purchased at stores with larger selections of fresh spices and herbs. The best quality rosemary is a rich sage green color with no discolored spots. Some cooks recommend storing rosemary sprigs in an ice cube tray and placing them in a chicken or beef stock in preparation for use in the rosemary marinade.

When mixing rosemary with the rest of the marinade ingredients, most recipes instruct the home cook to carefully pull the leaves off the rosemary stem and cut them into much smaller pieces. If the rosemary is needed for a larger volume of marinade, the leaves can sometimes be pulsed in a food processor to save time. Some recipes may also call for the entire rosemary stalk to be soaked in the rest of the ingredients for a set amount of time before removing it and moving on to preparing the meat.

Many cooks like to use this marinade flavor for both its nutritional value and refreshing aroma. Rosemary is a good source of calcium, iron and fiber. Because dried rosemary can sometimes lose significant amounts of these key nutrients during the drying process, fresh sprigs are typically recommended to get the best nutrition from this type of herb marinade.

A well-mixed herb marinade should often be allowed to chill in the refrigerator for about 20 to 30 minutes before using it for your favorite meat recipe. The soaking time for meat in the rosemary marinade often depends on the type of meat and the cooking method. Marinated chicken typically only takes about 30 minutes for the rosemary to give the meat a good flavor; using rosemary marinade for steaks can take up to 24 hours of refrigerator time for made-from-scratch marinades. Other recipes that may include rosemary marinade are often those for salmon, lamb and pork.

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