Med device recruiters: what’s their job?

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Medical device recruiters help companies find qualified individuals for specialized roles in the medical device industry, including sales, engineering, and accountability. They screen candidates and compile reports to help companies make informed hiring decisions.

Medical device recruiters help match people with jobs in the medical device industry. This specialized category of the medical field requires individuals with specific skills, experience, and qualifications to handle aspects of medical device marketing and distribution. Someone in the medical device recruiting role will pursue a range of objectives related to helping clients fill high profile jobs in the medical device industry.

One main category of medical device jobs that medical device recruiters can help with is sales. Medical device companies typically employ multiple salespeople, each with a specific territory or jurisdiction for developing medical product sales. A medical device recruiter can compile detailed reports on individuals with previous sales experience to help companies figure out which of these job candidates will be most capable of increasing sales in a given territory or area. Recruiters may also be tasked with explaining any commission or bonus structure to candidates to help people figure out their level of interest in an open position.

In addition to connecting and developing a sales team and networks, medical device recruiters may also recruit engineers or other technical professionals for a medical device company that has ongoing design projects. While some companies only need sales or promotional staff, others hire engineers and other research staff through a recruiter. In such cases, the medical recruiter may spend a lot of time qualifying scientific credentials or knowledge skill sets for job applicants or applicants.

Another area where medical device recruiters can get involved is with job roles that address accountability. Medical device companies can face ongoing challenges related to liability, whether it be a product recall or other types of events that negatively impact the company’s sales or reputation. Medical device recruiters can help a company retain employees with the ability to handle these responsibilities, either before they happen or while the company is addressing existing challenges.

Medical device recruiters often help screen available job candidates for a medical device employer, but typically do not make hiring decisions. This person may work in close consultation with human resources or work independently to conduct the type of fact-finding that will help the company hire the best worker for a given job. Recruiters can also help hire a large number of employees for a lab project or other initiatives that need a large and possibly dynamic workforce.

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