Most popular Super Bowl® snacks?

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Chips and salsa are the most popular Super Bowl® snacks, followed by chicken wings. Americans eat over 1.25 billion wings during the game. Pizza, desserts, and dips like guacamole and onion dip are also popular. The day is the second biggest for food consumption in the US.

The type of food most people eat while watching the Super Bowl® is chips and salsa, including both potatoes and tortilla chips. Some of the more common dips are salsa, onion dip, and guacamole. Chicken wings are the second most popular snack at a Super Bowl® party. That’s according to information from the National Chicken Council, which estimates that Americans collectively eat more than 1.25 billion chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl®. Pizza and single-serving desserts, such as cookies or cupcakes, are also popular options for game day.

Learn more about Super Bowl® snacks:

The 1.25 billion wings to eat during the Super Bowl® amount to more than 100 million pounds (more than 45,000 tons).
The Calorie Control Council estimates that the average Super Bowl® viewer will consume more than 1,200 calories from snacks alone.
According to the USDA, Super Bowl® Sunday is the second most important day in terms of food consumption in the United States, after Thanksgiving.

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