Mucus color: what does it mean?

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Mucus protects the body from germs, but its color can indicate health problems. Clear mucus is normal, but excessive clear mucus may indicate a sinus problem. White mucus can be caused by dairy or worsening allergies. Yellow mucus may indicate a virus or sinus infection, while green mucus may indicate a bacterial infection. Brown mucus is common in smokers and may contain blood. Unusual mucus colors should be checked by a doctor.

Mucus can be excreted from different parts of the body, including the nose, ears, lips and genital areas. Mucus protects the body from harmful germs, but its color can indicate well-being or a potential problem. The normal color of mucus is clear or white, but it may be yellow, green, or brown. The color of mucus can help people detect sinus problems or infections in the body.

Clear mucus is most likely a sign that a person is fine unless they are on a constant drip. If there is a large amount of clear mucus dripping from the nose, it could indicate that there is some type of sinus problem. Allergies can also cause people to have a runny nose with clear mucus that can become irritating. If a person is experiencing excessive mucus, they may need to see a doctor.

Sometimes the color of the mucus can change from clear to white. Eating too much dairy can cause mucus to turn white. It can also appear white if a cold or allergy gets worse. If the mucus is getting thicker, it can often turn from clear to white as well.

If the color of the body’s mucus turns yellow, this could indicate a type of virus. Your body may be fighting the virus, but you may also have a sinus infection. A chest infection, such as bronchitis, can cause yellow mucus to appear in the back of the throat. A person who sees yellow mucus may want to see a doctor about a potential virus or infection.

Some virus or bacterial infections can give a person green mucus. When a person experiences cold symptoms that seem to get worse, the mucus may change from yellow to green. Even severe allergies can cause green mucus. Mucus that becomes thick and green can cause unpleasant sinus congestion and pressure.

The mucus color of people who smoke cigarettes is often brown. This is because their sinuses are irritated by tobacco smoke. The mucus may also look brown or red because it contains mixed blood. Nasal polyps or irritated nasal membranes can cause blood to mix with mucus.

Yellow, green, or brown mucus could be a sign of something wrong with the body. Whenever the mucus is a dull or extreme color, it is wise to see a doctor to check for infections. There are many medical treatments for sinus infections, allergies, or other sinus problems you may experience.

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