Must Super Bowl MVP be on winning team?

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Super Bowl V is considered the ugliest football game ever due to turnovers, penalties, and an officiating mistake. Despite the Baltimore Colts winning, Chuck Howley of the Dallas Cowboys was named MVP, the first and only time for a losing player. Howley was a talented athlete in multiple sports and was surprised by the award.

Many sports fans consider Super Bowl V to be the ugliest football league of all time. Some refer to the 1971 game as the Stupor Bowl or Blunder Bowl, pointing to the plethora of turnovers, numerous penalties, and a glaring officiating gaffe. Even stranger was the fact that even though the Baltimore Colts defeated the Dallas Cowboys 16-13, linebacker Chuck Howley – a member of the losing team – was named Most Valuable Player, the first and only time that happened in 53 – of the Super Bowl. one year story.

How about that cowboy?:

Howley had two interceptions, but was shocked to learn he had won the award. “It was just something that was hard to accept,” he said years later. “I’d much rather win the game.”
Howley was a first-round pick for the Chicago Bears in 1958, but retired after breaking his knee in 1959. He returned with the Cowboys in 1961 and made six Pro Bowl appearances.
Howley excelled in five sports at the University of West Virginia. In addition to football, he was a champion diver, a sprinter on the track team, and a top performer in gymnastics and wrestling.

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