NY or Rome: further north?

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Rome and New York are almost on the same latitude despite Rome having milder winters due to atmospheric pressure and westerly winds. The prime meridian has changed, Minnesota is the northernmost state, and at 60 degrees south, you can sail around the world.

Rome is further north than New York, but only by one degree of latitude. While this seems counterintuitive since Rome has much milder winters than New York, this is simply due to the alternating influence of atmospheric pressure and westerly winds, a group of winds. In reality, the two are placed almost identically along the same line of latitude.

Other latitude and longitude oddities:

The 0 degree line of longitude, commonly known as the prime meridian, was not always the same line. In fact, four different longitudinal lines that cross Greenwich alone were used as the prime meridian.
The northernmost state in the contiguous United States is actually Minnesota. Although Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota all lie on the 49th parallel, a small area of ​​Minnesota called the Northwest Angle is the only part that actually lies north of the parallel.
At a latitude of 60 degrees south, you can sail completely around the world. There is no land that intersects that line of latitude.

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