Panic attack while pregnant: What to do?

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Panic attacks during pregnancy are common due to high stress levels and discomfort, but usually harmless to the fetus. Natural strategies like deep breathing and exercise can help, while anti-anxiety medication use during pregnancy is debated. Relaxation and stress management techniques can prevent anxiety build-up. During an attack, distraction and calming activities can provide relief.

Having a panic attack during pregnancy isn’t always avoidable, but it’s usually harmless to the fetus when it occurs. That said, experiencing a panic attack is very uncomfortable for the mother, as is the general state of anxiety that sometimes occurs when a person becomes pregnant. The best thing to do about a panic attack during pregnancy is to calm yourself down using natural strategies, such as deep breathing, light exercise, or a shower. There is some evidence that anti-anxiety medications may be safe to use during pregnancy, but medical opinions on this matter differ widely. Taking steps to maintain a relaxed and supportive life during pregnancy is the best way to avoid this problem.

A panic attack during pregnancy is like any other panic attack, but it’s made worse by hormones, fear, and real demands on the mother. Stress is usually high for a pregnant mother because there are a number of preparations to make, things that can go wrong and daily activities to continue. Morning sickness, restricted movement, and general discomfort can also contribute to a panic attack during pregnancy. As such, it’s relatively common even for women who have never had anxiety issues to experience a panic attack during pregnancy.

Removing these issues is the best way to prevent anxiety from building up. If possible, taking time to relax during the day can make a big difference. Recognizing that stress is happening can be enough to prevent a meltdown. Talking about problems you are having with a loved one can relieve stress and even prevent panic attacks.

Panic attacks are severely bothersome and many people can feel a jittery energy before reaching a full attack stage. If this is the case, the occupying thoughts can stop the attack. This can be accomplished by distracting the brain from what it was doing with activities such as reading aloud, walking, or playing an instrument. Sometimes, if stress increases due to worries about the fetus, talking to the fetus can keep the anxiety from becoming overwhelming.

When a panic attack occurs, the only thing anyone can do is ride it out. Panic attacks are usually very short-lived, and taking steps to calm down can make them even shorter. Many people find that a comforting place, drink, or activity can provide relief from intense anxiety. A panic attack can harm neither the mother nor the fetus, so simply waiting is probably the best strategy for overcoming the attack.

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