Plant maintenance: what is it?

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Facility maintenance involves maintaining industrial factories to create a productive and safe working environment. Each place of business has its own maintenance plan, including scheduling equipment checks, troubleshooting, and cleaning. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a strategy that seeks to improve production. Preventive maintenance, periodic inspection of machinery, and janitorial services are also important. Private plant maintenance companies are contracted for equipment inspections and repairs.

Facility maintenance usually refers to the methods, strategies and practices used to efficiently maintain an industrial factory. This can include anything from regular checks of your equipment to make sure it’s working properly, to cleaning your trash cans and toilets. The general objective of plant maintenance is to create a productive and safe working environment for workers as well.

Because there are many different types of plants and factories, ways to maintain these facilities often vary. For example, a steel mill will have different machinery than a food processing plant. This means that each place of business generally has its own maintenance plan, tailored to its particularities. A maintenance plan can include scheduling times for equipment checks, troubleshooting, and general cleaning.

Most plants employ their own maintenance staff. This may include workers such as on-site engineers, whose job it is to make sure machines continue to operate effectively. This is especially important for plants using equipment designed for assembly lines, as a line outage can be financially damaging.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is a maintenance strategy often employed in factories. This is an approach that not only seeks to maintain minimum levels of plant efficiency, but also looks for ways to improve production. RCM can include determining how to increase operating procedures, such as maximizing the uptime of a machine, which means increasing the amount of time the equipment is actually producing. This increase can be achieved by various means, such as adding more workers to a machine or making technical changes.

Preventive maintenance is also an important aspect of keeping a plant running efficiently. A common preventative measure is periodic inspection of machinery to verify that it is functioning properly. This can prevent equipment failure or help anticipate a possible problem that would otherwise cost the plant money due to work stoppage.

Janitors are an important part of plant maintenance. These maintainers do not work directly with the machines, but make sure that the plant facilities are clean and safe. This can include anything from removing trash to cleaning bathrooms and dining areas. Many times, janitors will be responsible for maintaining the factory floor and cleaning it of any spills that could be dangerous to equipment operators.
There are also many private plant maintenance companies. These firms are usually contracted by a factory to inspect equipment and make repairs. They may also perform tasks, such as corrosion prevention, acid proofing, or concrete floor repair.

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