Prepare daughter for period?

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It’s important to discuss periods with your daughter before it starts, making her feel comfortable and explaining the basics. Explain the different types of period products and how to use them, and teach her how to track her menstrual cycle.

To prepare your daughter for her period, it’s important to discuss it with her before it starts. Although girls of yesteryear typically didn’t start menstruating until their teens, many girls today start as young as ten. Therefore, the topic of menstruation should be discussed before this moment.
When discussing periods with your daughter, it’s important that you make her feel comfortable and explain that the menstrual process is not something to fear. If you exhibit a negative attitude towards periods, such as a belief that they are dirty or something you fear every month, your daughter will feel the same way about the process. Instead, she reassures her that she is a normal and natural part of growing up and becoming a woman.

When discussing periods with your daughter, it’s not necessary to go into every detail of the female organs. You should, however, explain the basics. Let your daughter know that the female body carries eggs, which are fertilized to make babies. Explain to her that periods are the body’s way of getting rid of eggs that aren’t quite ready to use.

If your daughter has further questions, tell her about the process how comfortable you feel. Make sure, however, that you don’t project the image that you feel uncomfortable discussing the topic. Otherwise, your daughter may not feel comfortable asking you further questions when it comes to changes in her body and her sexuality.

As part of your period discussion, you should explain the various types of period products available. Explain the differences between tampons and sanitary pads. Also, help her understand the differences between the types of sanitary pads available, such as panty liners and pads. Reassure her that it’s okay for her to select the type of product that suits her best, and that not all women prefer the same methods for managing their menstrual cycle.

In addition to explaining the types of period products available, you should also show your daughter how to apply a pad to her underwear. Also, you should explain to her how she can insert a tampon.

Finally, teach your daughter how to track her menstrual cycle. Although girls often have irregular menstrual cycles, teach her that the average woman has a four-week cycle. Show her how to track her period on a calendar so she’s prepared the next time her period comes.

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