Prepare for Skate Park visit?

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Skateparks in the US and Canada offer unique skating experiences. Check if the park is for vertical or street skating, and bring appropriate protective gear. Research park details and accommodations before visiting. Bring extra gear and a camera for out-of-town parks. Local skaters can recommend nearby attractions.

There are various skate parks across the US and Canada, each similarly designed but different and offering potentially unique skating experiences. You can prepare to visit a skatepark at home or away, remembering to check a few details first.
First, determine if you’ll be visiting a skatepark that was built for vertical skating, street skating, or both. If you plan on skating vertically or vertically, you should probably bring along protective headgear and pads. In fact, it may be required depending on the park. Many parks don’t require any protective gear, but some may require a helmet. Even if you only plan to visit a skatepark to skate on the street, you need to be sure you have everything you need, so check first. The type of skating you can do at the park not only determines what protective gear you need, but also what type of board you should bring along when you visit a skatepark.

If you plan to visit a skatepark in or near your hometown, it should be easier to find a lot of the information you need beforehand. Research the park’s opening hours, indoors or out, and what facilities and accommodations are included. Many skate parks are combined with city parks or recreation centers, such as DC Skate Plaza in Kettering, Ohio, and are operated and operated by the city government. You can call the respective city and ask basic questions.

If you decide to visit an out-of-town skate park, be sure to check out area accommodations or campsites. You may want to bring along not only protective gear, but also extra boards in case one breaks. Also, be sure to bring your camera to document the experience. Once you arrive, the locals will be able to tell you where the best skate shops are and if there are any other nearby attractions for skaters. Information on many skateparks around the country can be found online with a simple search for “skatepark”.

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