Prevent acid reflux: How?

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To prevent acid reflux, avoid foods that trigger it, eat smaller meals throughout the day, don’t exercise after eating, eat at least two to three hours before bed, elevate your head when sleeping, maintain a healthy weight, and consider antacids or prescription medication if necessary.

To prevent acid reflux or heartburn, start by considering the types of foods that have caused you acid reflux in the past. It might help to keep a log of your worst foods; many people find spicy or acidic foods to be especially harmful, as do alcohol, soda, or coffee. Also, consider changes in how you eat, times of day you eat, and how you sleep at night to prevent acid reflux.

The types of foods consumed are the most common source of acid reflux. However, not all foods will trigger acid reflux in everyone, which is why it’s a good idea to determine your personal foods that cause acid reflux and then avoid them. Plus, how you eat your meals can help prevent acid reflux. Try to eat a few smaller meals throughout the day rather than three large meals; having less food in your stomach will make acid reflux less likely. Slow down as you eat your food, taking small bites and setting your fork down between bites to allow the food to digest and to allow your body to send signals to your brain when it’s full.

Don’t exercise right after eating to help prevent acid reflux; Also, make sure you eat your last meal of the day at least two to three hours before bed. Eating and then lying down immediately can cause stomach acid to enter the esophagus. Also, elevate your head when sleeping at night to help prevent acid reflux during the night. This can be achieved simply by adding an additional pillow, although some people choose to purchase special wedges that they place under the pillow to set their head at a higher angle to their stomach. Both methods can be effective, especially since heartburn is often worse at night for many people.

People at a healthy weight are less likely to get acid reflux, so try to lose extra weight and maintain a healthy weight. Also, avoid wearing tight belts, pants, or undergarments, which can contribute to acid reflux. In addition to these preventions, an antacid regimen can help prevent acid reflux and ease any symptoms you may be having. If your acid reflux is persistent and painful, you may need to visit a doctor for prescription medications that can be taken daily to prevent acid reflux.

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