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Cookies are small cakes made from sugary dough, with the word coming from the Dutch word for cake. There are eight main ways to style cookies, including bar, refrigerator, deep-fried, and pressed cookies. Examples of stamped and molded cookies come from different cultures.

The word cookie, also spelled “Cooky,” is a small cake — often, but not always, round and flat in shape — made with a sugary dough. The word comes from koekje, the diminutive of the Dutch word for cake. There are several standard ways to form cookies, and printed cookies are one such style. Some explanations of cookies printed on the Internet are incorrect, so clarification is needed.

There are eight main ways to style a cookie. For bar cookies, the batter is poured into a pan and usually served cut into squares or rectangles, while refrigerator cookies are shaped into a log, cooled, and then cut up before baking. Griddled or iron-baked cookies made with a special baker include Pizzelles and Krumkake, and deep-fried cookies such as rosettes, are baked on a special iron and drip cookies are dropped with spoons onto a cookie sheet. Pressed cookies are made by pressing cough through a pastry bag or cookie press, while cookies rolled and cut with cookie cutters from a thinly rolled dough. Pressed cookies, confused by some with rolled cookies and by others with pressed cookies, are actually hand-shaped cookies or those that are pressed into a cookie mold.

Examples of stamped cookies come from different cultures. Pfeffernüsse and Lebkuchen from Germany can be rolled into balls by hand, and Pastelitos de boda or Mexican wedding cookies and Russian tea cakes share the rounded shape. Kipfel – made in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Austria – and Kourambiethes and Kourabiedes from Greece are often, if not always, crescent-shaped.

Variations on molded cookies included molding dough for a treat, such as a kiss or a Hershey’s hug. Another type is the thumbprint cookie where a rolled ball is then pressed with the thumb and jam filled fingerprint. They are also called Butterballs or Polish tea cakes.

As for molded cookies that are actually made in cookie molds, Speculaas or Spekulatius may be the most famous. The name means ‘mirror’ and may reflect the fact that the image on the cookie mirrors the image on the mold. A Springerle biscuit is kind of a cross between a stamped biscuit and a rolled biscuit because the mold is pressed into the dough using a special rolling pin that has been carved out to create a mold.

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