Prod. methods?

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There are different production methods for making goods, including labor, batch, boutique, and mass production. Labor production involves making each item separately by a skilled worker, while batch production involves making a set number of items in batches. Boutique production combines jobbers and batches for small runs of products. Mass production is the most efficient method, using standardized parts and assembly lines with high automation.

Production methods are the means by which goods are made. There are several manufacturing methods, each of which can be classified based on the number of units produced at one time and the procedures used to do so. Labor manufacturing involves the creation of each item separately, sometimes by a single skilled worker or craftsman. Batch production is similar, although many items are usually made at the same time and boutique production can combine both of these methods. Mass production is the most efficient method and often uses automation and other techniques to make many items at once.

Of the various production methods, the least efficient and most time consuming is known as labor production. This method is similar to handicraft production and bears a resemblance to how most goods have been created throughout history. Workers are sometimes known as jobbers and are typically highly skilled in their particular field. Each item is made one at a time, which can result in higher quality but slower production rates than other methods. This production method is often used for prototyping, as it lends itself well to making unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Another of the manufacturing methods involves creating items in batches. This process is typically accomplished by moving a set number of items through different workstations or stages in discrete batches. Some batch manufacturing processes are labor intensive, while others may use some amount of automation. This method of manufacturing can allow for a wide variety of products to be built on the same production line, although this typically means wasting time reconfiguring equipment.

Boutique manufacturing typically combines several manufacturing methods. This category can include both jobbers and batches and is often used to create relatively small runs of product. Product runs tend to be too short to support full-blown mass production methods. There can also be a great deal of customization between runs. Many boutique makers use methods similar to jobbing, albeit with a much greater degree of standardization between each item produced.

The most efficient method of creating goods is usually mass production, also known as flow, batch or mass production. This method relies on standardized parts or components that are assembled uniformly to create more or less identical products. Assembly lines are often an important part of mass production, and many factories using this method use a high degree of automation.

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