Renewable energy engineer’s role?

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Renewable energy engineers work in maintenance and development of renewable energy. They need an engineering degree, and some companies require a degree in green or renewable energy. They can work for small or large companies, and pay scales vary greatly.

A renewable energy engineer works for an energy company. Some engineers primarily take care of maintenance on power plants, while others are involved in developing new ways to produce renewable energy. In many countries, governments encourage new companies and existing energy producers to focus on renewable energy production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution that are synonymous with fossil fuels. Power engineer jobs were once mostly found at universities and companies engaged exclusively in research, but these jobs are becoming more and more common at large power companies.

Before looking for employment as a renewable energy engineer, an individual must first earn a college degree in engineering, although some companies require job applicants to have a degree that specifically focuses on green or renewable energy. People who earn renewable energy degrees learn the basics of engineering as well as many aspects of science, including chemistry and physics, that can be useful in the energy field. Some students also earn master’s degrees (MAs) focused on a specific type of renewable energy, such as solar energy or hydropower.

Small and large companies hire graduates to work as researchers. In many countries, governments award grants to companies trying to find ways to make renewable energy more accessible to consumers and small businesses. Many small companies focus on developing energy-producing technology that consumers can use in their own homes, such as solar panels or biofuel generators. A renewable energy engineer involved in research must try to develop new technologies that are easy to use and operate, but also inexpensive enough for large numbers of consumers and businesses to purchase.

Major energy companies hire large numbers of engineers to produce large-scale renewable energy so that the company can establish new energy production contracts with governments and communities. Engineers working for these companies must design and develop wind farms and dams that require substantial amounts of government and private sector funding and that often take many years to complete. Engineering teams are typically led by a veteran renewable energy engineer who oversees the project.

Pay scales for renewable engineers vary enormously. Some colleges recruit graduate students to work as part-time researchers, and these individuals often receive free tuition or a small stipend to cover their basic living costs. Engineers working on large projects for multinational companies are often among the highest paid in energy fields and are aggressively recruited by employers around the world.

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