Roasting parsnips: how-to.

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Roasting parsnips brings out their sweetness and is easy to do. They make a great side dish for meats or a hearty vegetarian option. Flavor can be added with seasonings, garlic, or sweeteners. Other root vegetables can also be roasted. Parsnips are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

Anyone who has tasted roasted parsnips will probably want to change the lyrics to the song to “Pasnips roasting over an open fire…” Roasting brings out the sweeter side of this underappreciated root vegetable, and it’s so easy that even a child with clean hands and someone who can help with the knife can do it. Roasting parsnips is just a matter of rubbing and dividing them, rubbing them with a little olive oil and sticking them in a medium-hot oven until they’re done.

Roasted parsnips are the perfect accompaniment to roasted and baked meats of all kinds. Beef, pork, and poultry go well with the potato-like texture of parsnips. Vegetarians love these delicious and healthy root vegetables for their hearty taste and the fact that they fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

There are dozens of ways to add to the flavor of roasted parsnips as the plain ages. You can roast them in some chicken stock along with some minced garlic. For cooks who like a little hot cha cha, adding horseradish or a couple drops of Caribbean hot sauce spice things up. A spritz of lemon just before serving is another way to go.

For those who like their veggies a little on the sweet side, adding brown sugar or maple syrup helps caramelize the roasted parsnips. Try throwing some ginger and garlic in this one to keep the sweetness from becoming overwhelming. These are especially nice served with brown rice. Other possibilities are quinoa, barley or a wild rice blend.

Other ways to change the flavor are found in seasonings. Thyme and rosemary are nice with a base treatment that features olive oil, garlic and a spritz of lemon. Cumin and cardamom offer an exotic touch. Adding a little curry or paste to oil or broth transforms roasted parsnips into something mysterious and wonderful.

Parsnips aren’t the only root vegetable that responds well to roasting. Carrots, rutabagas and turnips are all soft and turn surprisingly sweet after spending time in a roasted oven. Tossing a few peeled garlic cloves infuses them all with flavor. Some cooks like to roast them all at once and serve them together on one platter.

Rich in vitamins A and C as well as numerous antioxidants, parsnips belong on every table. Glazing roasted parsnips and other vegetables with orange juice and a little honey makes them even more delicious. Even children who turn up their noses at many vegetables consider those that have been roasted a real treat.

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