Ski trip planning: what to consider?

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Careful planning is key for a successful ski trip. Consider weather conditions, equipment rental or purchase, location research, appropriate clothing, and training. Research resorts with various options and prepare physically. Pack sunscreen, lip balm, and non-perishable snacks.

Careful planning of a ski trip can make your trip more rewarding. Several things should be considered while planning your ski trip. These include: being aware of the weather conditions, considering buying or renting ski equipment, gaining knowledge about the location where you plan to ski, and packing appropriate clothing. Also, if you are new to skiing, you should definitely train regularly before your ski trip.

Weather conditions

Checking the weather conditions before heading to the mountains for a ski trip is important for several reasons. Very strong storms can make skiing unpleasant or even impossible. Additionally, bad weather can close roads making it difficult to reach your destination or keep you trapped in the ski area.

In general, if you plan your ski trip in advance, give yourself a couple of days of “time cushion” so that you can stay an extra day if needed, or leave for the ski trip a day or two early. If you can’t afford this extra time, be sure to ascertain the weather conditions before leaving the house and get a three to four day forecast.

Always pack chains for cars that require them. Even if you don’t use chains, it’s much better to have them and be prepared. In case of bad weather it may be necessary to hire chains before continuing your journey, and these are always more expensive than chain hire in your city.

Ski equipment
If you have the ability to transport skis, but don’t own them, it’s best to rent skis in your hometown. These will also be less expensive than ski hire at a lodge. However, some lodges offer special ski rental offers for beginners. If you or family members own skis, be sure to inspect the equipment before you leave. Children especially can outgrow boots in just one season.

Don’t underestimate the weight or size of your foot when renting equipment. The actual weight and size of the foot helps to evaluate the appropriate equipment. Leave vanity aside when preparing for a ski trip and get yourself the best equipment possible. Make sure you take the right kind of ski. Cross-country skis are different from alpine skis, for example.
Search resorts

New skiers should research resorts when planning a ski trip. Look for resorts with numerous options, such as the option of sledding or inner tubes. Some resorts even offer offers for beginner skiers. If you find that you actually don’t like skiing during your ski trip, a resort that offers other ways to play in the snow might be ideal.

Prepare the Right Clothing

Snowwear, such as padded pants, are often the best choice for skiing. Also consider layering like silk or cotton long underwear to keep you cozy and warm. Be sure to bring a few changes of clothing, as you may get wet, and don’t forget that you can hire both ski clothes and ski equipment.
Make sure your ski vacation essentials include sunscreen and lip balm. Many come back from skiing with terrible sunburn, and that’s not the way to end an otherwise enjoyable ski trip. Even if the weather is cloudy, sunscreen should be used. Sunglasses also reduce glare on sunny days. Also, fill your car with extra non-perishable foods like crackers and juice if you get stuck on the road in traffic or in bad weather.

Skiing is a demanding sport that is sure to make your muscles work hard. Also, the awkward positioning of the knees can prove challenging, especially if you’re out of shape. Consider starting an exercise program several months before hitting the slopes. Focus on the fitness of the major leg muscles and aerobic fitness. Even just walking every day will make you fitter for skiing. You don’t have to be in top shape to ski, but it helps to have muscles that won’t torture you after a day of skiing.
Careful planning of a ski trip will make you enjoy your trip that much more. It will give you the chance to simply relax and ski, rather than worrying about what you need once you reach your destination.

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