Survival knife: what is it?

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A survival knife can be any knife in decent condition, but a specific style combines a Bowie blade with a hollow handle for emergency items. Some experts consider it a novelty, but many seek it for added safety while camping. The handle contains emergency supplies, and the blade has a smooth and serrated edge. Some experts recommend a high-quality hunting knife and compact survival kit instead. It’s important to keep the blade sharp and protected.

In general, any knife in decent working condition could be considered a survival knife. Your chances of surviving outdoors with a knife are much better than being caught without one. However, there is a specific style of knife that has become synonymous with the term survival knife. It combines the hunting blade of a Bowie knife with a hollow handle designed to hold a variety of emergency items. This style of survival knife enjoyed a surge in popularity following the release of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo film series. Stallone’s character carried a survival knife as he evaded law enforcement in the deep woods.

Although some knife experts consider the hollow-handled survival knife more of a novelty than a useful tool, many people seek out these knives for added safety while camping. A survival knife usually has a smooth blade for skewering game or preparing food, along with a serrated edge for sawing through tree limbs. A survival knife may also have a hooked blade for opening cans or cutting rope. Many knife experts suggest avoiding stainless steel blades, as they cannot be used with flint to start a fire. Some survival knife blades are treated with a matte black finish to prevent glare.

The handle of a survival knife is usually knurled to provide a stronger grip. The tip of the handle often contains a floating compass as part of the emergency kit. The rest of the emergency supplies in a survival knife are kept inside the handle itself. The user can unscrew the handle and find a number of useful items. A typical survival knife might contain matches, fishing line, fish hooks, a wire saw, needle and thread, water purification tablets, first aid supplies, and pieces of flint. Many survivors and soldiers modify their survival knife supplies to meet their specific needs.

Some survival experts recommend purchasing a high-quality hunting knife and compact survival kit instead of an all-purpose survival knife. Others argue that a good survival knife with a well-stocked handle is easier to carry than a separate knife and emergency kit. Both sides agree that finding a knife with a quality blade and handle is more important than the stash hidden inside. It is essential for survival knife owners to keep the blade sharp and protected from the elements.

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