Symptoms of broken finger?

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A broken toe causes pain and swelling, and may impair movement. Severe breaks may require surgery to fix with screws, and improper treatment can lead to joint stiffness.

A broken toe can be an extremely uncomfortable injury, and the symptoms of a broken toe are accompanied by some degree of pain. Symptoms typically begin immediately after the finger breaks, and the severity of symptoms may reflect the severity of the break. The ability to move the finger may or may not be impaired, which can be deceptive to those who still have some freedom of movement in the finger.

Most often, the symptoms of a broken finger include the inability to move it. In some cases, depending on how the bone is fractured, it may still be possible to bend a broken finger. Even if it can be moved, the movement will be accompanied by pain. If the lesion is on the fingertip, there may be blood under the nail and a bruised appearance at the end of the finger. More serious breaks can result in the outward appearance of a crooked finger or joints that are at an odd angle.

A few minutes after the break, the area around the fracture will begin to swell. This swelling will quickly spread throughout the finger. Numbness can also arise with swelling, making the area tender and warm to the touch. The swelling can interfere with nerves, making other fingers numb as well. Before the swelling becomes severe, applying an ice pack wrapped in a cloth can help reduce the swelling and lessen the impact on the other toes.

In some severe breaks, symptoms of a fracture can include tearing of the skin, tendons, and subcutaneous tissues. Pieces of bone can also pierce the skin and be clearly visible. These compound fractures may require surgery to fix the break with screws to ensure it heals properly.

Joint stiffness can be a constant problem in fingers that have broken. When the symptoms of a broken finger are not treated properly and set up by a professional, the finger can heal at an awkward angle that can make activities requiring fine motor skills difficult. Sometimes a broken toe can be difficult to diagnose when the break is attached to the hair, but constant pain is one of the most telling signs that something is wrong. The pain isn’t always unbearable in minor fractures, but these minor breaks can impair the strength of the finger and should be treated as carefully as a major fracture.

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