What’s Aebleskiver?

Aebleskiver are Danish pastries traditionally served during holidays, with a crunchy outer layer and soft, fluffy core. They are made in a special pan and can be filled with apple slices or applesauce. The toppings vary, and the recipe can be varied with ingredients such as cardamom or cinnamon. Aebleskiver are Danish pastries that are […]

What’s an Aebleskiver pan?

An Aebleskiver skillet is a pan used to make Danish puffed pancakes, often served as a dessert with whipped cream and fruit preserves. The skillet has 6-10 semicircle inserts and is typically made of cast iron. It cannot be used on an electric stove. Rectangular oven pans are also available. Prices range from $30-70 USD. […]

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