What’s Directional Bore?

Directional drilling creates horizontal holes for underground utilities using heavy-duty borers. Workers drill a pilot hole, then use a reamer to cut a path for the pipe or duct. This method is environmentally friendly and can be used under rivers and busy roads. However, it is limited to hard soil or rock and cannot be […]

What’s a bore gauge?

A bore gauge measures the inside dimension of a bore, cylinder, or tube. It can be used with a micrometer or master calibration rings for an exact reading. Dial and electronic indicators are available, with variable size bases or interchangeable extension pins. The gauge is inserted into the opening and moved until centered, with a […]

What’s “Full Bore” mean?

“Full bore” means to the fullest extent, completely, or with maximum power. It can be used as an adjective, adverb, or noun and is widely used in English. Its etymology comes from measuring the diameter of a cylinder and is synonymous with calibre in firearms. Its modern meaning denotes greater capacity for strength, power, or […]

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