What’s Artesian Bottled Water?

Artesian water is naturally extracted from a pressurized well, while spring water is often mechanically pumped from an unconfined aquifer. Artesian water is considered a premium form of naturally pure water, but may not be tested as frequently as tap water. Artesian bottled water is a naturally pure form of water extracted from an artesian […]

What’s bottled gas?

Cylinder gas is pressurized gaseous substances for ease of handling and use. They can remain as a gas or become liquid. Bottled gases are color-coded according to the substance they contain, but colors can vary from country to country. Some gases are dissolved in a solvent solution to prevent explosions. Cylinder gas refers to gaseous […]

What’s bottled water industry?

The bottled water industry has grown rapidly since the mid-1970s, with an estimated 200 billion bottles consumed worldwide in 2008. Convenience, health, and flavor are among the top reasons people buy bottled water, despite the environmental cost and lack of solid evidence to support its perceived health benefits. Critics argue that the cost of bottled […]

Bottled water cost vs. tap water?

Bottled water in the US costs 240-10,000 times more than tap water. Some bottled water is just bottled tap water and can be contaminated. Tap water regulations are stricter and it may contain essential minerals. Most plastic bottles are not recycled, causing environmental concerns. According to a 1999 study by the Natural Resources Defense Council […]

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