Byzantine culture’s elements?

Byzantine culture was influenced by Greek, Roman, Islamic Persian, and Ottoman Arab cultures. The empire lasted for 1,129 years until it was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453. The political structure was modeled on ancient Rome, with emperors and a Senate. Christianity dominated culture, but there were also persecutions of heretics. Justinian made significant contributions […]

What’s Byzantine jewelry?

Byzantine jewelry is a type of ornate jewelry made during the Byzantine Empire, often using heavy gold and precious stones with Christian symbolism. Authentic pieces are collector’s items found in museums, and replicas have been made. Bracelets and headpieces were popular, and the jewelry was used as a symbol of status. Byzantine jewelry is a […]

Byzantine crosses: what traits?

Byzantine crosses, originating in Constantinople in the 4th century, are a fusion of Roman, Greek, and Christian styles. They have multiple crossbars, a reliquary compartment, and come in various designs, including the bud-shaped cross with a shamrock. Modern versions are often modeled after traditional styles and can be highly decorative. Byzantine crosses originated as early […]

Byzantine coin: what is it?

Byzantine coinage evolved over 1,000 years, with early coins depicting emperors and later coins showing religious symbols. Emperor Constantine created a solid gold coin, the solidus, which was later mixed with silver. Silver coins re-emerged before the end of the Byzantine period, while bronze coins were mainly used for local trade and later depicted religious […]

Byzantine Empire: what was it?

The Byzantine Empire was a powerful political unit that lasted for over eight centuries, with its capital in Constantinople. It was founded by Emperor Constantine the Great and officially partitioned from the Western Roman Empire in 395. The empire was able to reconquer the territories of the Western Roman Empire under the reign of Justinian […]

Byzantine Catholic Church: what is it?

The Byzantine Catholic Church is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church and follows the religious practices of the Orthodox Catholic Church. It is made up of seven distinct groups and uses the Byzantine Rite. The Pope is honored as the Patriarch of Rome but not superior to other patriarchs. The church has been influenced by […]

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