What’s a VPN client connection?

A VPN client connection allows secure access to a local network from a remote location, such as working from home or accessing school networks. Data is encrypted and can be accessed from any internet point, making it useful for teleworking and academic research. IT staff can help set up the connection safely. A virtual private […]

What’s a thin client server’s role?

A thin client server handles more of its clients’ operations than a standard server, often used in offices where workers don’t need much functionality or power. Thin clients lack parts of a fat client, and instead have scaled-down systems or routing boxes. The server does all the processing for the terminals, resulting in a virtual […]

What’s a Rich Client Platform?

Rich client platforms (RCP) simplify the integration of independent software components, such as Eclipse and Java Spring. RCP allows for seamless integration of advanced graphics tools, spreadsheets, and geospatial mapping technology. It is similar to iTunes UI and provides a single point of integration for all software modules. Java programmers often use RCP, which saves […]

What’s a SQL Client Connection?

SQL client connection software connects computers to external databases using a standard set of functions. It is commonly used in client-server technology and has various types available. The connection string object is critical to a successful connection, and the software includes special timeout features. Advanced features like connection pooling should be avoided by novice programmers. […]

Client Virtualization: What is it?

Virtualization creates a simulated version of a computing resource, such as server, application, or desktop. Client virtualization separates the desktop from hardware, OS, and applications, allowing users to access their desktops from any device. Virtualization reduces hardware costs, simplifies software updates, and benefits the environment. It enables flexible, secure, and highly available access to critical […]

What’s a Chat Client?

A chat client is a program for online chat rooms, while instant messengers are designed for use while browsing the web. Chat programs allow for real-time communication between multiple people on a separate network. Popular chat clients include mIRC, XChat, and Trillian. IRC has its own language and netiquette, and it’s recommended to get an […]

What’s a client class?

Client classes allow users on a network to share programs and utilities. Different types of classes can be customized for different permissions and features. They act as a portal to user interactions and can be used to track employee actions. Computer programmers are needed to ensure network integrity. Client classes are network registrar features that […]

What’s a chubby client?

A fat client is a computer in a client-server configuration that can function independently of the server. It has its own storage, memory, and processing power, allowing for richer graphical user interfaces and faster performance. Fat clients are becoming more widespread due to declining costs and are commonly implemented through corporate laptops. A fat client, […]

What’s a Client OS?

Desktop computers are self-contained and require no external components to function. They use client operating systems, which are different from centralized servers, and can run multiple operating systems in a dual boot setup. Popular client operating systems include Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. Windows is widely used in businesses and requires specialized hardware. Linux is […]

What’s a Secret Client Scam?

Secret shopper scams exploit those interested in secret shopper jobs. Scammers may ask for a fee to access a database of jobs or trick victims into cashing a fake check. Avoid these scams by not cashing large checks or paying fees for job information. Legitimate secret shopper jobs are limited and often compensate with free […]

What’s a strategic client?

A strategic customer is a customer who can collaborate with a business on product design and has an outstanding reputation in their field, improving the credibility of the partner firm and the resulting product. This type of partnership can also make the business more desirable as an acquisition. A customer is a person or organization […]

Best tips for client handling?

Tips for dealing with customers include being polite, listening to their needs, and adding extra flourishes to emphasize customer care. Dealing with upset customers requires being polite, listening carefully, and correcting the complaint if possible. Good customer service is important to make customers feel valued and employees should be trained in handling unhappy customers. Tips […]

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