What’s Pet Coke?

Petroleum coke is a residue from refining oil that can be turned into energy and different substances. It has several classifications, including fuel coke, marketable coke, catalyst coke, and calcined petroleum coke. While useful, petcoke creates pollution and laws have been put in place to reduce it. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, petcoke […]

What’s Coke Cake?

The Coca-Cola cake is a Southern tradition that uses simple ingredients including Coca-Cola, but doesn’t taste like it. The recipe is easy and foolproof, making a moist chocolate cake with a gooey marshmallow topping. In the Southern tradition of using the ingredients at hand to create something special, the Coca-Cola cake is certainly a great […]

What’s delayed coke?

Retarded coking is an industrial process that produces solid coke and liquid or gaseous fuel from coal. It uses lower temperatures and longer periods of time than traditional coking, resulting in more refined production and less waste. The process is highly efficient and can be considered a form of recycling, producing valuable fuel products that […]

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