What’s a Conversation Piece?

Displaying an interesting piece of art or an unusual souvenir can break the social ice between guests and spark conversations. A good conversation piece can be anything from an African fertility doll to a candid photograph of a celebrity. It doesn’t have to be expensive or rare, and sometimes a guest’s artwork or photography can […]

What’re Conversation Hearts?

Conversation hearts are heart-shaped candies with sweet sayings like “I love you” made by NECCO. Originally, they were shaped like seashells with sayings on pastel paper. The modern version is pastel-colored with red vegetable dye. They have a distinct texture and flavor and are stable for years. They are popular around Valentine’s Day and are […]

What’s Criminal Conversation?

Criminal conversation, or adultery, is a civil act where the innocent spouse can sue for damages. Defenses include consent or separation. It is an outdated tort in many regions, replaced by no-fault divorce laws. Damage awards vary based on the length of marriage and situation. Emotional alienation is a related offense. Criminal conversation is a […]

Good conversation starters?

Initiating conversations is an important life skill for personal relationships and business, with entire books and seminars dedicated to the topic. To start a conversation, be natural and relaxed, have something to talk about, and pay attention to the other person. Examples of conversation starters include the current situation or something about the person you’re […]

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