What are drawing boards? (29 characters)

Drafting tables are desks used for drawing and other work that requires more space than a typical desk. They can tilt and are popular among artists, designers, and architects. They come in different styles and designs, with built-in rulers and trays, and can be paired with drafting chairs for comfort. Drafting tables, originally known in […]

What’s drawing paper?

Drawing paper is specialized for technical drawings and comes in various sizes and styles. It should be archival quality, contrast well with pen and pencil colors, and be stiff and low-stretch. Different materials can be used, and some have grids. It’s important to use archival pens and pencils and store the paper properly. The use […]

What’s Pipe Drawing?

Tube drawing is a cold metalworking process used to create tubes with smaller diameters. There are five methods: fixed cap, floating cap, bonded cap, rod, and tube sinking. The process produces precise measurements and greater strength. The fixed cap method produces the best internal surface finish, while the floating cap method is capable of producing […]

What’s cold drawing?

Cold drawing is a metal forming process where metal is forced through dies to reduce its cross-sectional size, producing a consistent and defect-free product. There are three types of cold drawing: tube, bar, and wire drawing. The process improves yield and tensile strength, and is used in the production of various items such as electrical […]

What’s Deep Drawing?

Deep drawing is a process that involves stretching sheet metal around a plug and into a stamping cutter to create shapes more than half their diameter at depth. It is used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, and requires expensive equipment and accessories. It differs from metal stamping and is similar to metal […]

What’s an exec drawing?

Working drawings are sketches and designs used to guide the manufacturing of devices, including prefabricated building components. They ensure quality, uniformity, and help correct potential problems. Contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers create them in response to customer requirements, using blueprints from engineers or architects. They help minimize waste and keep project costs within budget. Working drawings […]

What’s an isometric drawing?

Isometric drawings are 3D representations of objects on a 2D surface, created by combining three views. They are commonly used in engineering and architecture. Multi-view drawings can be difficult to understand, but isometric designs combine adjacent views to create depth and volume. Isometric drawings differ from perspectives, which give a feeling of distance. Isometric projection […]

Best online drawing lessons: how to choose?

Consider drawing type, accreditation, technology, cost, and course variety when choosing online drawing classes. Look for technical drafting, CAD, and architectural drawing courses. Check accreditation and alumni reviews, and consider program length and timetable. To choose the best online drawing classes, consider the type of drawing you want to learn, investigate the credentials of any […]

Best 3D drawing program selection tips?

When choosing a 3D drawing program, consider the output needed and the program’s modeling and rendering features. The complexity of the modeling interface, mesh editing, and compatibility with external programs are also important. Evaluate the program’s internal renderer and any restrictions on scene size. Ultimately, the best three-dimensional (3D) drawing program is one that will […]

What’s OpenGL® drawing?

OpenGL® drawing is the use of Open Graphics Library® to render objects or interfaces. It involves assembling dots and lines into polygons. The virtual stylus within OpenGL® can be moved to draw continuous series of dots. High-level functions can simplify complex scenes, and rasterization renders the scene on a display device. “OpenGL® drawing” is a […]

Pick a drawing school?

Choosing the right writing school is crucial for a successful career as a draftsman or architect. Factors to consider include recognition, qualified teachers, school history, computer equipment, location, and fees. It’s important to research the school’s accreditation, track record, and computer software proficiency, as well as consider the location and cost of attending. Your career […]

What’s an oblique drawing?

Oblique drawings are simple 3D drawings used in drafting and engineering. They consist of an object drawn flat with angled sides for depth. They can be normal, movable, or cavalier and are created from a three-view drawing. The length of the depth lines determines the type of oblique drawing. An oblique drawing is a simple […]

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