What’s a compact drill?

Compact drills are designed to fit into tight spaces and are used by professionals in limited environments. They have a sleek design, can be operated one-handed, and have various features such as attached flashlights and magnetized heads. They can be battery or corded and accept a variety of heads with forward and reverse and variable […]

What’s a drill plate?

Drill plates guide the location of holes and create uniform patterns. They are made of plastic, acrylic, aluminum, or steel. Punch plates prevent costly mistakes and guide drill bits for straight holes. They are used in construction and mechanical applications and can cut a range of hole sizes. A drill plate is a template used […]

What’s a hydraulic drill?

Hydraulic rock drills are heavy equipment used in construction, excavation, and drilling. There are two types: manual and industrial. Coolant is used to prevent overheating, and regular maintenance is necessary for peak efficiency and longevity. Hydraulic rock drills are a type of heavy equipment that can be used in a number of different construction, excavation […]

What’s a drill chuck?

Drill chucks hold rotating bits and can hold other rotary tools, with keyed or keyless options. Keyed chucks require a removable key, while keyless chucks use a sleeve. Chucks can have up to six jaws, with self-centering chucks being common for home power drills. Self-centering chucks use a rotating collar to move the jaws together […]

What’s a core drill for concrete?

A concrete core drill uses a large, high-torque motor and a hollow tube bit with teeth to grind concrete. Water is used to reduce heat and dust. Safety precautions include securing the base and using hazard signage. A concrete core drill is a large, high-torque drill motor with a large stud for attaching a concrete […]

What’s a drill bushing?

Drill bushings guide drill bits for precision drilling in manufacturing and metalworking. They ensure even paths and identically sized holes, reducing human error. Jigs secure bushings, and countersink bits create clean openings for bolt fasteners. Worn bushings should be replaced. A drill bushing is a cylindrical metal guide piece used to direct the approach and […]

What’s a fire drill?

Fire drills are practiced evacuations of buildings, conducted by households, businesses, or governments. Participants calmly exit the building and reassemble in a designated safe area. The drill is used to determine if the building can be safely evacuated in the event of an actual fire. Many countries require mandatory fire drills in schools and government […]

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