What’s a fatal system error?

A fatal system error is a computer operating system condition that causes it to stop functioning. It is caused by hardware failure, failed programming code, or processing errors in software running in memory. The most common cause is poorly coded software that is incompatible with the operating system. When a fatal system error occurs, everything […]

What’s fatal familial insomnia?

Fatal familial insomnia is a rare genetic disease caused by prions attacking the thalamus, leading to the inability to sleep, weight loss, dementia, and eventually death. There is no cure, but gene therapy is a potential treatment. The disease was first identified by an Italian doctor and appears in fewer than 30 families worldwide. Fatal […]

Steps for fatal accident insurance claim?

When a person dies in an accident caused by another person, surviving family members can file fatal accident claims. The process varies by jurisdiction and circumstances. Work-related fatalities are often filed under workers’ compensation laws, while non-work-related ones are filed as wrongful death claims. Each state administers its own workers’ compensation system, and only spouses […]

How often is drinking in fatal accidents? (41 characters)

Drunk driving causes one death every 53 minutes in the US, with drinking involved in nearly a third of all traffic deaths. Repeat offenders cause a third of alcohol-related accidents. Alcohol can also cause health problems. On average, one person in the United States dies every 53 minutes in a drunk driving accident. It turns […]

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