Who are the 4 Gospel writers?

The four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, are believed to have authored the Gospels, and are represented by animal figures in Christian iconography. They spread Christianity and their true identities are debated. The four evangelists are the alleged authors of the Gospels, the sections of the New Testament dealing with the life and works […]

What’s the Social Gospel?

The social gospel, a concept that arose in the 19th century, aimed to share wealth and act with charity towards the less fortunate, countering social Darwinism. It influenced aspects of the New Deal and civil rights movements, and continues to be reflected in progressive politics. While originally associated with Christianity, it is now often more […]

How to be a gospel musician?

To become a gospel musician, learn an instrument or develop your voice, practice regularly, play or sing in church, create a demo package, and network to gain notice. Learning multiple instruments can open more opportunities. Attend gospel music conferences and ask fans to spread the word. Learning an instrument or developing your voice is a […]

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