What’s decomposed granite?

Decomposed granite is a natural building and landscaping material made up of weathered granite particles. It’s commonly used for paths, parking areas, and landscaping, and is popular in arid regions. It can be used on its own or with stabilizers, but drainage must be considered. Decomposed granite, sometimes referred to as DG, is most commonly […]

What’s granite cladding?

Granite cladding is a durable and beautiful option for building exteriors, but requires specialized installation. Granite forms from magma underground and can occur in various colors and patterns. Cladding provides aesthetic and protective benefits, and granite slabs or blocks can be used with ornamental elements. Local or imported granite can be used, but shipping costs […]

What’s Epoxy Granite?

Epoxy granite is a composite material made from epoxy resin and granite chips used as a high-performance alternative to steel and cast iron machine tool bases. It offers excellent vibration damping characteristics, production flexibility, and cost savings. The material is cold-cured at room temperature, allowing for flexibility in manufacturing. Epoxy granite exhibits outstanding workmanship qualities, […]

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