Best champagne grapes: how to choose?

Champagne grapes should be firm, round, and plump with no marks or bruises. They are actually a type of grape called Corinto Nero and are used in cooking and as a garnish. They should not be confused with an older American variety. Choosing the best champagne grapes isn’t difficult, and shoppers need to keep just […]

Do red wine grapes stay red all season?

Both red and white wine grapes start out green and as flowers. During ripening, white wine grapes may turn golden or pinkish, while red wine grapes become darker. The color of wine is decided during fermentation, with red wine fermented with the skins and white wine separated from the skins. Rosé wines have a light […]

What are Muscadine Grapes?

Muscadine grapes are native to the southeastern United States and have heavy vines and shallow roots. They are resistant to many insects and diseases and are used to make wines, juices, jams, and dietary supplements. Muscadine grapes, Vitis Rotundifolia are abundant, thick fruit, native to the southeastern United States. Unlike accords and other traditional grapes, […]

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