What’s a guillotine?

The guillotine is a device used for beheading, with a heavy frame, angled blade, and movable collar for the prisoner’s neck. France refined the guillotine and used it almost exclusively for executions until 1977. It was proposed by Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin for humane and efficient executions. Antoine Louis designed the functional guillotine, first used in […]

Is guillotine a historical relic?

France’s last guillotine execution was in 1977, and the death penalty was abolished in 1981. The guillotine was adopted during the French Revolution as a more humane form of execution. Before this, criminals were executed on a breaking wheel. The last guillotine execution took place in France in 1977, when a Tunisian immigrant was convicted […]

What’s a guillotine shear?

A guillotine shear is a machine used to cut various materials with a descending blade. It is commonly used in manufacturing industries and can be mechanical or hydraulic. While automation is increasing, human personnel are still required to operate the machines. Guillotine shears are sold internationally for specific business needs. A guillotine shear is a […]

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