Best deer hoist: how to choose?

When choosing a deer hoist, consider features such as lifting method, rope strength, and construction materials. Metal hoists with galvanized construction and nylon rope are recommended. Electric hoists should be reversible for ease of use. Consider warranty options. Processing your own deer is becoming more popular, and a deer hoist can make the task easier. […]

Hoist vs. Crane: What’s the Difference?

Hoists can only move objects vertically, while cranes can move them horizontally and in three dimensions. Cranes can also be converted for other tasks, while hoists are only designed for lifting and lowering loads. Hoists are often used as sub-components of cranes. The main differences between a hoist and a crane are the ways each […]

Hydraulic Hoist: What is it?

Hydraulic hoists use oil-based piston mechanisms to lift heavy objects with a small motor. They are used in various industries, including marinas, shipyards, manufacturing, and mining. They are quieter than traditional cranes and offer a large volume of lifting power but may be less efficient and require maintenance. A hydraulic hoist is a piece of […]

What’s an electric wire rope hoist?

Electric wire rope hoists lift heavy objects with specific load capacities ranging from 0.5 to 45 tons. They consist of an enclosed electric motor that spins a grooved drum with a wire rope attached. The hoist can be stationary or travel on a rail, and has a push button remote control to raise or lower […]

What’s a frame hoist?

An A-frame hoist is a portable gantry hoist that can be used in various locations. It has two stable legs with an overhead trestle and can be adjusted for different projects. It can lift a variety of objects, but weight limits should be observed. Manufacturers offer different sizes and weight classifications, and custom fabrication is […]

What’s a Double Post Hoist?

A two post hoist is a lifting device with two sets of lift arms connected to two tower structures. They are commonly used in the automotive industry and come in hydraulic, electric, or electro-hydraulic configurations. They can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and often have equalizer cables to ensure even lifting. A two post hoist is […]

Best used hoist: how to choose?

Buying a used hoist can save money, but requires research and careful inspection. Buying from a dealer offers more benefits, but costs more. Buying from a private seller requires extensive research and inspection. Be prepared for potential repairs and additional costs. A used hoist can be the solution to an industrial or construction environment that […]

What’s a rotary hoist?

Rotary Hoist is a brand of automotive hoists that produces light and heavy lifts for cars, trucks, and buses. They offer scissor lifts, Y-Lifts, double post hoists, and four post slewing jacks. Their SmartLift® is designed for small service areas. All models have mechanical safety locks. Automotive hoists, also known as car lifts, are used […]

What’s a Safety Hoist?

The safety hoist is an industrial tool used in roofing and remodeling to lift heavy materials. It works on almost any aluminum ladder and is made of lightweight aluminum, rubber bushings, and steel bearings. Different hoists can lift different weights, and some have add-ons like wider trays and motors. A safety hoist is an industrial […]

What’s a scaffold hoist?

Scaffold hoists are used to lift materials and workers to upper levels of buildings under construction. There are various types of hoists, including motorized and manual systems, with different designs for different purposes. The larger and more elaborate systems are used for bigger projects, while smaller systems are used for lighter jobs. Hoists can be […]

What’s a cable hoist?

A cable hoist is a heavy-duty rope made of wire, fibers, or chains used to lift heavy objects with a load-bearing pulley system. It is used in various industries such as electrical, mechanical, marine, transportation, and construction. Cable hoists are designed to withstand heavy weights and be flexible for loads. They are inspected before each […]

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