What’s a hosted app?

Hosted applications are computer programs managed by outside companies, allowing businesses to rent hardware and software. Hosting organizations are responsible for the network, server hardware, and operating system, while the software application and source code are maintained by the creator. Hosting services are cost-effective and offer plug-and-play flexibility. Security concerns are addressed with multiple layers […]

What’s hosted content management?

Hosted content management is a service offered by website hosting companies that allows businesses to manage their website’s content without hiring programmers. There are three types of hosted content management companies: full service, content management, and support only. Each type has varying costs and levels of liability. Full service involves the service provider acting as […]

Types of hosted anti-spam services?

Anti-spam services vary in features and price, with basic services identifying and removing junk mail, while advanced ones offer inbound and outbound filters, automatic updates, and 24/7 support. Spam capture rate and false positive rate are important factors to consider, as well as customization options, data loss prevention, encryption, and service agreements. Other factors include […]

What’s a hosted ERP?

Hosted ERP is an Internet-based tool that helps businesses manage their processes. The software is maintained by a third party, making it ideal for small businesses. It offers flexibility, customization, and cost savings, and can be accessed from anywhere. Some vendors offer free or paid versions with varying limitations. A hosted enterprise resource planning (ERP) […]

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