What’s IDEA Encryption?

The IDEA encryption algorithm is a strong encryption function based on a 128-bit key. It uses a symmetric private key approach and is used by multiple international governments. However, its patent expired in 2011 and it is unable to process at speeds sufficient for many high-speed transactions. Data encryption has been used for centuries as […]

Brand an idea: how?

You cannot trademark an idea as it is not considered intellectual property. Trademarks protect real things that identify a company’s product or service. Copyrights protect art, patents protect inventions, and trademarks protect identifiers. Trademarks require a drawing and sample, which cannot be provided for an idea. Trademarking an idea would eliminate competition and is not […]

What’s idea incubation?

Idea incubation is the process of bringing ideas to life, often starting with a single person and involving others to make the idea stronger. Companies promote incubation by encouraging collaboration and an open environment. Successful incubation requires strong leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit. Idea incubation is a process of bringing ideas into reality. It begins […]

Shopping hungry: bad idea?

Shopping while hungry can lead to overspending and buying unnecessary items, according to research from the University of Minnesota. The hormone ghrelin, released when hungry, can affect the brain’s reward and motivation centre. Hungry shoppers spent 64% more than those who were less hungry. The study suggests shoppers should eat before going out to avoid […]

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