What inspired the world’s first webcam?

The first live webcam broadcast was created in the early 1990s by computer scientists from the University of Cambridge to monitor the coffee maker in the Trojan Room. The webcam was connected to the lab’s local network via outdated technology and was shut down in 2001. The last coffee machine seen online was auctioned off […]

What’s Biologically Inspired Computing?

Bio-inspired computing draws ideas from biology to develop computing systems. It also models and explores biological systems. This interdisciplinary field combines biology, computer science, physics, mathematics, and genetics. It has led to new developments in artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, and cognitive modeling. DNA strands could be used for data storage and calculations, and biological parts […]

Who inspired “The Grinch”?

Dr. Seuss’ creation, the Grinch, has been stealing Christmas since the release of the children’s story in 1957, followed by the animated television special in 1966. The inspiration for the character came to Seuss while brushing his teeth on December 26th. The TV special was directed by Chuck Jones, who gave the Grinch his famous […]

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