Are LA’s homeless majority sheltered?

The number of homeless people in the US has increased for the first time in seven years, with New York City having the most homelessness at 76,501 people and Los Angeles County second with 55,188. California has the largest homeless population at 134,278, with a rate of 34 homeless people per 10,000 people, double the […]

What’s majority rule?

Majority rule is a decision-making principle used in various contexts, including elections and legislative votes. It does not apply in countries with proportional representation systems. The concept of “supermajority” requires a two-thirds majority for some decisions. The minority can be marginalized, leading to the “tyranny of the majority.” Constitutional protections in the US protect minorities […]

What’s a majority whip?

The Majority Whip is a high-ranking position in US politics responsible for keeping party members in line during important votes. The position was adopted from the UK, where it was used in parliament. Other countries, including Australia, India, and New Zealand, also use whips. The first Majority Leader was nominated in 1897, and Democrats responded […]

What’s a Majority Minority?

A majority minority is a group that is a numerical majority within a region but a minority elsewhere. The rise of such groups attracts attention, with some fearing it threatens culture while others welcome diversity. Despite being the majority, members of these groups can still be treated as minorities and organizing can have social consequences. […]

What’s a majority shareholder?

A majority shareholder owns over 50% of a company’s shares and wields substantial power, but must exercise caution to avoid disadvantaging minority shareholders. Laws protect minority shareholders and the majority shareholder must not manipulate their authority for personal gain. Voting rights may also negate some of the power of the majority shareholder. Shareholders are people […]

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