What’s the design framework matrix?

The Design Structure Matrix (DSM) is a project management tool that visualizes management processes, identifies and represents project elements, and assists in analyzing improvements in system dependencies. DSM is used in various industries and software programs, including system design, and can streamline processes and manage changes efficiently. The Design Structure Matrix (DSM) is a project […]

What’s an Active Matrix?

Active matrix technology is used in laptops and notebooks for high-quality, low-power displays. It uses thin film transistors to create a more precise and dynamic image compared to passive matrix displays. The term was coined in 1975 by Dr. Peter Brody. Active matrix is ​​a technology used in flat panel liquid crystal displays in notebooks […]

What’s an active matrix LCD?

AMLCD is a high-quality digital display technology used in advanced electronics. It uses thin film transistors to generate images and has a higher refresh rate than passive matrix LCDs, resulting in clearer images with better contrast. An active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) is a digital display technology often used in electronic devices such as […]

What’s an extracellular matrix?

Extracellular matrix is a nonliving tissue that supports cells and performs various functions. It varies in composition and location, and is secreted by surrounding cells. It plays a vital role in the body’s healing process and communication between cells. Different cells are needed to build specific types of extracellular matrix, and its destruction can cause […]

What’s an Access Control Matrix?

An access control matrix is a static delineation of permissions in a computer system that lists objects and subjects to provide information about different rights. It can reduce the risk of compromise and limit damage caused by security exploits. Default settings may be sufficient, but changes should be made carefully. An access control matrix is […]

Germinal matrix bleed?

Germinal matrix hemorrhage is a serious condition that can occur in premature babies due to fragile blood vessels in the brain. It can cause brain damage and long-term complications. Treatment involves supporting the child and preventing future hemorrhages. Prevention is key. Germinal matrix hemorrhage is bleeding that occurs within the brain of a premature baby. […]

What’s a decision matrix?

A decision matrix is a scientific approach that companies can use to rank factors and select the best opportunity among several options. It involves defining the solution, setting priorities, awarding points, calculating scores, and selecting the option with the highest score. A decision matrix is ​​a quantitative method that a company can use to rank […]

What’s a matrix org structure?

A matrix organizational structure combines functional and partition structures, dividing a company by projects or functions. It aims to increase efficiency through division of labor, but can lack focus and flexibility. Divisional options include profit/cost centers or projects, and product lines. An organizational structure is the detailed structure of the management and product structure of […]

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