Do horror movies depict real events?

Schlock horror films were popular in 1950s America, including titles like The Blob, based on a real incident in Philadelphia where police found a 6-foot mound of purple goo. The story made national news and inspired a Hollywood film, first starring Steve McQueen in 1958 and then Kevin Dillon in 1988. In the 1950s, in […]

Best Kannada movies: how to choose?

The Kannada film industry in Karnataka, India produces around 100 films a year, some of which are released internationally. Online resources provide movie reviews, cast information, and historical information about Kannada cinema. The Kannada film industry, “Chandanavana” in the Kannada language, is located in the state of Karnataka, India. It produces around 100 films a […]

Where do movies film most?

US-produced films are often filmed in locations outside the US, with Canada being a popular choice due to lower costs and less strict legal requirements. Action and adventure films often have settings outside the US. Bollywood films are commonly shot outside India, with Toronto being a substitute for large American cities. Many US states offer […]

Best Tamil movies: how to choose?

Online resources offer Tamil movie reviews, old and new film selections, updates on upcoming films, and biographical information about actors and directors. Chennai reports box office stats and some websites contain viewer comments. Tamil film criticism is improving but has not reached the level of the US due to cultural barriers. There are many online […]

What are on-demand movies?

Movies on demand are instantly accessible through cable, satellite, or the internet. They offer convenience and no risk of damage or loss, but lack special features and may have lower quality. There are two billing models: pay-per-film or monthly subscription. The popularity of on demand movies may decrease movie piracy. Movies on demand are movies […]

Best Punjabi movies: How to choose?

Punjabi cinema, also known as ‘Lollywood’, has over 60 years of films to choose from. There are many internet resources available to help select from the various genres, including action, drama, comedy, epic, musical, and romance. Some websites offer English language movies subtitled in Punjabi and Punjabi movies subtitled in English. Additionally, there are sites […]

Does Nigeria make many movies?

Nigeria’s film industry, Nollywood, produces over 1,000 films annually, surpassing Hollywood. The industry has grown since the 1990s, with improved production quality and popularity outside Nigeria. The Nigerian film industry, dubbed Nollywood, produces more films a year than Hollywood. As of 2014, Nollywood makes more than 1,000 films a year. Nigeria is a West African […]

Best Arab movies: how to choose?

There are various online resources for finding Arabic movies, including websites that categorize movies by genre or country, subscription services, and organizations like the Arab Film Festival and Arab Film Distribution. Some websites also offer American films with Arabic subtitles. There are resources online for anyone looking for a particular type of Arabic movie to […]

Best romantic movies: how to choose?

Choosing the best romantic movie can be difficult, considering the diverse genres available. Consider personal associations, reviews, and genre when selecting a film. Romantic comedies are best for light-hearted events, while romantic dramas should be approached with caution. Personal connections and recommendations from friends can also help in choosing a film. Romantic movies can be […]

Best family movies: how to choose?

When choosing family movies, consider the age range and interests of your audience. Look for films rated G or PG and avoid those with higher ratings. Avoid movies meant only for young children and consider past preferences. Use websites and reviews to help choose appropriate films. When considering family movies, you should look for movies […]

Best Hindi movies: how to choose?

Hindi cinema offers a diverse range of films, from lavish Bollywood musicals to social commentary dramas. The golden era of the 1940s-60s produced high-quality productions, while the 70s saw a rise in action-packed movies. Modern Hindi films offer larger production values and broad audience appeal, with subtitles for non-Indian viewers. Social commentary is a prevalent […]

Best Chinese movies: how to choose?

Choose the best Chinese movies based on personal taste and research. Chinese films can be made in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macao. Look for lists by genre or director/actor. Consider availability, sales, and awards, but remember that opinions vary. Choose the best Chinese movies by matching your taste with the movies available from Chinese […]

Best Korean movies: how to choose?

Choosing the best Korean movies depends on personal interests and can be done by looking at different genres or famous directors. Korean romantic films and horror movies are popular, and lists from reviewers can be helpful. Cultural differences and language barriers should also be considered. Choosing the best Korean movies depends on a number of […]

Best Russian movies: how to choose?

Choosing the best Russian films is subjective, but looking at lists, award winners, and personal preferences can help. Considering directors, actors, animation, historical and political films, and storytelling can also narrow down options. Watching internationally successful films ensures human appeal. Russian films are a kind of art and most people agree that choosing the best […]

Are PG-13 movies appropriate for 14-year-olds?

Deciding if a PG-13 film is appropriate for a teenager is up to parental discretion, as some material may be unsuitable for children under 13. The rating system can be applied poorly, and some PG-13 films contain violent content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Parents should preview movies or check reputable family-oriented […]

Grindhouse movies: what are they?

Grindhouse films were low-budget, exploitation films with extreme violence and sexual content. They were shown in former burlesque theaters and became obsolete with the advent of VCRs. The 2007 film Grindhouse brought the term back into conversation, using elements of excessive violence and missing reels. Some famous directors, such as Peter Jackson, started with grindhouse […]

Best thriller movies: how to choose?

To choose the best thriller movies, consider personal preferences, search for movies by favorite actors, choose well-known producers and directors, and consider sub-categories. Check ratings and reviews and ask for recommendations from friends. Consider previous movies enjoyed and current mood. Subtopics include sci-fi, zombies, and ghost stories. Decide whether to watch a fictional or true […]

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