What’s Healthy Neglect?

Salutary negligence was the British policy for governing American colonies from 1607 to 1763, allowing lax law enforcement to encourage colonial prosperity. Colonists were largely self-employed and had personal and religious freedoms. Attempts to reassert British authority led to resentment and the American Revolution. From 1607 to 1763, the unwritten British policy for governing the […]

What’s political neglect?

Political negligence is a breach of duty by an elected official, which can harm taxpayers and citizens. It can be innocent, such as neglect or incompetence, or deliberate, such as taking bribes. It can lead to criminal charges and even tort. Citizens can bring suits against officials for damages or removal from office. Political negligence […]

Base Rate Neglect: What is it?

Base rate neglect is when humans ignore background frequencies when making probability inferences, leading to biases. It is part of heuristics and biases and descriptive decision theory. Bayes’ rule can help integrate base rates for accurate probabilities. This occurs in everyday life with implications for society. Background rate neglect is a term used in cognitive […]

Neglect vs. abuse: what’s the difference?

Neglect and abuse can occur when someone is dependent on another due to incapacity or age. Neglect involves the absence of care, while abuse refers to physical or mental harm. Children and the elderly are often victims, and neglect can lead to serious illnesses, injuries, and even death. Abusive caregivers can oppress those with disabilities […]

What’s Child Neglect?

Child neglect is when parents or guardians fail to provide adequate care for a child, which can be physical, medical, educational or emotional. Neglect can be intentional or unintentional, and external factors can contribute. Neglect can lead to severe impairments in a child’s development and well-being. Child neglect occurs when parents or guardians fail to […]

What’s Comp. Neglect?

Comparative negligence is a tort doctrine that reduces recovery in some cases where the victim’s actions contributed to the accident. In the US, victims can sue injurers for compensation, but if the victim is partially responsible, they can only recover part of the damages. This replaced contributory negligence, which prevented recovery altogether if the victim […]

Who needs student neglect insurance?

Students in healthcare and other professions should consider purchasing student malpractice insurance, which protects against allegations of wrongdoing and lawsuits by clients or their families. Some schools and employers may provide coverage, but students should review the coverage and seek additional protection if necessary. Liability insurance may also be available for apprentices in other trades. […]

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