Piezo Transducer: What is it?

Piezoelectric transducers convert mechanical energy into electrical potential and vice versa using crystals or other materials. They are used in microphones, scales, accelerometers, and as generators and detectors of ultrasound. They can also be used as actuators for precise movement. The most common material used is PZT. They are reliable and rugged, unaffected by electromagnetic […]

What’s a Piezo Sensor?

Piezoelectric sensors measure pressure or strain by converting force into an electrical signal. They can be made from natural or synthetic materials and are used in various applications, including measuring impact forces and detecting unusual vibration patterns. They are also used in microphones, touch screens, and scientific research. A piezoelectric sensor is a device that […]

What’s a piezo sensor?

Piezoresistive sensors use changes in semiconductor resistivity under mechanical stress to produce electronic readings. They are used in a range of industries and applications, from automotive to medical, and can be constructed with various semiconductor substrates. A piezoresistive sensor is a device that uses changes in the resistivity of certain semiconductor materials when subjected to […]

Piezo Motor: What is it?

Piezoelectric motors use electric fields to create motion in certain crystals or man-made materials. They are small, precise, and use little energy. They work by rapidly switching oscillation frequency on and off, creating continuous movement. They are insensitive to magnetic and electrical interference and can be made from natural crystals, ceramics, or polymers. They have […]

Piezo Linear Actuator: What Is It?

Piezoelectric linear actuators use the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical current into motion in a crystal. There are two types: stepping and continuous acting. Layering crystals can result in larger movements, and reversing polarity can cause the actuator to move in the opposite direction. Some crystalline structures give an electric charge when stressed or twisted, […]

Piezo Actuator: What is it?

Piezoelectric actuators use the piezoelectric effect to create mechanical stress in crystals, resulting in precise motion at the micro- or nano-scale. They have various designs and are used in industries such as aerospace, medical, and nanotechnology due to their low power consumption, lack of magnetic fields, and durability. The piezoelectric actuator is a form of […]

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