Did NCAA teams always alternate ball possession?

Basketball used jump balls to determine possession until 1937 when the team that did not score received the ball. In 1981, the alternating possession rule was enacted. Other NCAA basketball rules include designated free throw shooters, no coaching during games in 1910-1911, and no climbing walls to reach the basket. Basketball teams have not always […]

Drug Possession Lawyer: What’s Their Role?

A drug possession attorney specializes in defending those accused of violating drug laws, aiming to dismiss the case or prove innocence. They may specialize in specific drugs or charges and use their knowledge to weaken the prosecution’s case or negotiate lenient penalties. If convicted, they continue to work for the defendant to reduce penalties and […]

What are possession proceedings? (35 characters)

Possession proceedings are legal hearings to resolve disputes over property ownership, including divorce proceedings. In the UK, it also refers to mortgage foreclosure lawsuits. The court considers evidence of asset acquisition and pre/postnuptial agreements to determine property division. Foreclosure may be granted if the borrower cannot repay outstanding payments. “Possession proceedings” is an umbrella term […]

Types of marijuana possession charges?

Marijuana possession charges vary worldwide. Many countries have legalized medical use or decriminalized small amounts for personal use. Possession of larger amounts or in states where it is not decriminalized can result in charges. Penalties vary by jurisdiction, with some countries having no distinction between marijuana and more serious drugs. Jurisdictions around the world vary […]

Drug possession charge: consequences?

Drug possession charges can result in prison sentences, fines, probation, and community service. They can also make it difficult to find work or travel. Employers may ask about criminal records, making job prospects dimmer. Possession with intent to sell carries a prison sentence, while lighter cases may require substance abuse programs. Drug charges can also […]

What’s a possession charge?

Illegal possession is having something that is illegal to own. Common charges include drug possession, weapon possession, and possession of stolen property. Consequences vary by country and type of possession. Theft can also be tried as a possession charge. A possession charge is what is legally referred to as illegal possession. Basically, illegal possession is […]

Qualify for adverse possession?

Adverse possession occurs when someone takes ownership of land by using it for a legally prescribed amount of time. The four requirements are effective use, open and known use, no authorization to use the land, and continuous use for the applicable time period. The adverse possessor must actually use the land and the use must […]

Illegal alcohol possession penalties?

Penalties for illegal possession of alcohol vary by location and age. They can include fines, license suspension, probation, community service, and even jail time. Repeat offenses can result in more severe punishments, including permanent license suspension and imprisonment. DUI while underage can have serious consequences. Penalties for illegal possession of alcohol differ in various states […]

What’s adverse possession?

Adverse possession is the occupation of a property for an extended period of time without legal ownership. If occupied for 10-12 years, the occupier can become the owner. The possession must be visible, hostile, and continuous. Mistaken property lines or abandoned properties can lead to adverse possession. The real owner can go to court to […]

What’s a Debtor in Possession?

Debtor in Possession refers to businesses in Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US. The debtor holds assets and aims to restructure debt to become solvent. Creditors may repossess assets, but with court decisions, the debtor can argue to keep them. Chapter 11 filers are called possession debtors and remain in control of assets until a […]

Meth possession: what consequences?

Methamphetamine possession can result in severe consequences, including criminal charges, prison time, fines, and asset confiscation. Possession of ingredients or equipment used to make meth can also lead to criminal charges. Penalties are getting tougher globally due to the highly addictive nature of the drug. Some jurisdictions offer drug diversion programs for first-time offenders, but […]

What’s illegal possession?

Illegal possession refers to having an object or substance without legal permission. This includes drugs and firearms, which can result in criminal charges and imprisonment. Permits are required for firearm ownership and specific privileges are granted. Possession of prescription drugs without a prescription is also illegal. Punishment varies based on the amount of illicit substances […]

What’s a possession claim?

A tenure claim is a legal claim to assert ownership of a property based on specific circumstances. The process varies between jurisdictions, and it is possible to file a claim independently or with an attorney. The goal is to transfer title into the claimant’s name, and adverse tenure requires meeting specific criteria, including continuous and […]

Criminal Possession: What is it?

Criminal possession criminalizes possession of prohibited items, requiring knowledgeable possession and constructive possession. Statutes aim to discourage use of prohibited items and encourage certain behaviors, such as firearm registration and turning over stolen property to authorities. Criminal possession is a legal theory that simply criminalizes possession of a prohibited item. Typically, possession must be “knowledgeable,” […]

Heroin possession penalties?

Heroin possession is illegal in most regions and can result in severe legal penalties, including fines, jail time, mandatory drug treatment, and even execution. Portugal decriminalized possession of nearly all illegal drugs in 2001, offering drug treatment instead. In the US, penalties vary by state, with some having mandatory minimums. Southeast Asia has the harshest […]

Criminal Possession: What is it?

Criminal possession involves possessing something prohibited by law, such as controlled substances or stolen goods. Possession can be physical or having reasonable control and intent to own. Possession of certain items is criminalized due to public safety concerns. Different classes of crime can come with different penalties. Those charged with criminal possession should consult a […]

Possession w/ intent to distribute?

Possession with intent to distribute is a serious offense involving knowing possession of an illegal item and the intention to offer it for sale. Penalties vary but usually involve jail time. The intention to distribute can be inferred from circumstances, and the severity of the penalty depends on the type of illegal item possessed. Bargaining […]

What’s summary possession?

Summary possession is the legal term for eviction in rental situations. Landlords must follow legal processes, which vary by jurisdiction and lease, to evict tenants. Reasons for summary possession include lease violations, damage, and illegal activity. Tenants can defend against eviction in court or negotiate an agreement with the landlord. Summary possession is a legal […]

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