What’s Nanjing’s Rape?

The Rape of Nanjing, also known as the Nanjing Massacre or Chinese Holocaust, was a violent capture of China’s capital by the Japanese in 1937-1938. An estimated 300,000 Chinese civilians and soldiers were killed, and horrific acts of violence, including rape and murder, were committed. The Japanese government did not adequately apologize, and Iris Chang’s […]

What’s campus rape?

Campus rape is a common issue, particularly among female students, with difficulty in prosecution due to lack of evidence. Any school property can be a potential site for an attack. Victims may fear coming forward and face long-lasting physical and psychological effects. Experts suggest cutting down on alcohol, avoiding drugs, traveling in groups, and taking […]

What’s spousal rape?

Marital rape was not recognized as a crime until the late 20th century due to the belief that a woman’s body belonged to her husband. Women’s rights movements argued that marriage could not diminish individual rights, leading to the criminalization of spousal rape in many regions. Marital rape is still underreported and can occur in […]

Helping a rape victim?

Rape victims, including women, men, adolescents, children, and incapacitated individuals, can suffer from physical and emotional trauma. Encourage them to report the crime, offer emotional support, and help them find professional counseling. Self-defense classes and prompt medical attention are also important. A rape kit can collect forensic evidence to help prosecute the abuser. Women are […]

What’s rape culture?

Rape culture normalizes sexual violence against women through gender roles, trivialization of assault, and victim blaming. It is perpetuated by media, comedy, and legal systems that focus on victim prevention rather than perpetrator deterrence. Blaming victims and assuming gender stereotypes only solidify this culture. The term rape culture describes any idea or action that normalizes […]

What’s a rape inquiry?

A rape investigation is conducted by law enforcement to gather evidence for a prosecutor to determine if the case should go to trial. Specially trained teams may include healthcare providers and victim advocates. The investigation begins with a victim statement and may involve interviews and evidence collection. A detailed report is submitted to the prosecutor […]

What’s a rape kit?

A rape kit is a collection of biological and physical evidence gathered from a sexual assault victim. Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) are trained to collect evidence and provide support to victims. The exam includes photographs, treatment for injuries, blood and urine samples, and swabs. Hospitals may collect a rape kit and keep it until […]

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