Realtor resume: what to include?

A realtor’s resume should showcase their experience, education, past accomplishments, career goals, and affiliations. It should be limited to one page and include a cover letter tailored to the specific job. A realtor resume is designed to showcase the realtor’s experience and education. Some resumes list past employers in chronological order, while others focus on […]

How to prep for realtor exam?

Real estate agents must pass an exam and be familiar with local laws and contract rules. Background checks are conducted, and candidates must present valid identification. Ethics, disclosure, and liability are important topics, as well as the valuation process and commissions. Regional rules regarding custody and commissions should be researched. Real estate agents arrange transactions […]

What’s a realtor?

Realtors act as mediators between buyers and sellers of real estate, while real estate agents focus on executing the sale. Certification and training are required in many countries, but attorneys can also function in the same capacity. Buyers and sellers can complete transactions without the use of a real estate agency. Realtors are real estate […]

Realtor Salary Factors?

Real estate agents’ salaries vary depending on their job description, whether they work in sales or non-sales roles, and whether they work in residential or commercial real estate. Incentive pay can also affect their total compensation, and brokers who close their own deals can earn six or seven-figure incomes. Ultimately, an agent’s work ethic and […]

Luxury realtor: how to become one?

To become a luxury realtor, one must complete training to be licensed as an agent and manager, gain hands-on experience, and complete post-secondary courses to become a broker. Mastery of real estate law and property development is required to pass the Realtor Licensing Exam. Luxury realtors are professionals who oversee teams of salespeople who market […]

How to become a short sale realtor?

To become a short sale real estate agent in the US, one must obtain a real estate sales license and may join the National Association of Realtors. There is no specific certification for short selling, but agents can learn from experienced sales agents and must develop relationships with mortgage lenders and keep organized paperwork to […]

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