Best rivet supplier: how to choose?

Choosing the right rivet supplier is crucial for quality and cost. Consider the supplier’s ability to fulfill orders, materials used, quality control, emergency orders, fast order fulfillment, and competitive pricing. A good supplier can offer discounts for volume purchases and provide a mutually beneficial working relationship. Choosing the right rivet supplier is a vital task […]

Best steel rivet selection?

Choosing the right steel rivet can be difficult due to the variety available. Size is important, as is the type of rivet and its head. Consider the diameter and length, and whether to use blind or solid rivets. Different alloys offer different properties, so choose carefully. Choosing the best steel rivet for a particular project […]

What’s a Rivet Nut?

Rivet nuts are collapsible shells with internal threads used to place structural threads in thin materials. Specialized tools are required to set them properly. Drill bits are needed to create the hole for installation, and variable speed drill motors are useful for harder materials. Rivet nut tools consist of a threaded mandrel and two handles, […]

What’s a Pop Rivet?

Pop rivets are fasteners used on various products, consisting of two round, flat, plastic or metal discs. They can be decorative or plain and require different installation methods based on material thickness. Manufacturers provide information on the force required for installation and removal. A pop rivet is a fastener used on a variety of products, […]

What’s a Rivet Press?

A rivet press is used to permanently connect materials with metal or plastic rivets. The machine can be manual or motorized, and different types of rivets require different methods of installation. The press may require a die for countersinking, and larger setups may use floor-standing units. Pop rivets require a special tool to complete the […]

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