What’s Agg Sealer?

Aggregate sealer protects and extends the life of exposed aggregate concrete by preventing wear and tear and dirt buildup. There are two types: wet look sealant provides a glossy finish but can be slippery, while penetrating sealants offer the highest level of moisture protection. Buyers should choose environmentally friendly products with UV protection. Application requires […]

What’s Brick Sealer?

Brick sealer is a protective coating that prevents moisture from damaging exterior brick surfaces. Moisture can cause cracking, splitting, and mold growth. Installers apply the sealer using basic painting techniques after cleaning and priming the surface. Homeowners should wear a mask when applying and wait for it to dry before painting. Brick sealer is a […]

What’s Concrete Sealer?

Concrete sealer prevents water and other liquids from penetrating concrete, extending its life. Acrylics are cheaper but break down quicker, while solvent-based sealers are more expensive but last longer. Breathable sealants are better in freezing temperatures. The sealer can be applied with a sprayer or roller and comes in different colors. Appearance is secondary to […]

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